Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.

12 Sep


Hello blogging world! Welcome to my new blog. My name’s Amanda and I’m just another college girl out in the world. I guess I should add a little bit about me. I’m eighteen, legal babyy, and a freshman in college. My major is Biomedical Sciences, which is just fancy talk for Pre-Med.

I live in the Great Lake State, that’s Michigan for those who don’t know. I stayed in-state for college, however my school is way on the opposite side of the state from where my home is. Everyone hold up your left hand and look at the back of your hand. Now imagine about halfway down between the pinky knuckle and your wrist. I go to school there! Now, way over where your thumb connects to your hand, that’s where I call home. Michigan’s a nifty state.

Well I guess I should progress onto what I ate today. This is a food blog after all! However, since I’m a newbie and all…I forgot to take a picture of my breakfast. I promise I’ll get better! But for the breaking of the fast, I had some Special K Yogurt and Berries with some 1% milk. Yum.

I actually have some pictures for lunch!  My campus actually has really good food, THANK GOD! For lunch I munched on a whole wheat hummus & feta wrap. It was stuffed with all types of veggies like cucumber, olives, red onion, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, tomato, and banana peppers. YUM! Then I had a side salad with a squirt of some Caesar dressing. Oh, and a Diet Pepsi.

Veggies, YUMM

This was all eaten at my desk, because 1) It’s the only table I have in my dorm, and 2) I wanted to Skype with the boy. Speaking of the boy, if you can see the pictures in the background you might be able to spot him. He’s the tall one! Enjoy the assorted pictures of my senior prom, homecoming, and at a beer garden in Germany. Assortment, the spice of life.

Well, I’m off to study my ass off. Have a good one!

Song Reference: “Closing Time”–Semisonic


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