You could do better

13 Sep

Today has not been my day. But, it’s really my own fault. I was up too late last night, and ended up not going to my 8 am chem class. (Speaking of, what was I thinking?! AN 8AM CHEM CLASS? Not my best idea.) I woke up in time to shower before my first class at 11, but my plans to get a bagel for breakfast fell through. I didn’t have enough time, so I just sat through my class with a grumbling stomach. Sad.

After class I rushed to get some lunch. I got a feta & hummus wrap (I know I’m exciting), but this time I got some soup. It was chicken rice, but with a Mexican flair. It was delicious.

Oh hello desk surface, it's been awhile since I've seen you.

Post lunch & digestion I headed off to my Biology lab. We had a quiz which I’m pretty sure I rocked and then we looked at cells on microscopes. Am I the only one that thinks that kind of stuff is awesome?! I love it so much. Once I got out of my Bio lab, I was going to get some dinner with my friend at the big cafeteria on campus–but she already ate! Ugh. I ended up going to the little caf right outside my dorm (HELLO CONVENIENCE!) and got a stirfry.

This stir fry is just another reason I love my school. I got a tofu stirfry with carrots, peas, snap peas, bamboo shoots, baby corn, red pepper, green pepper, and vegan teriyaki sauce. Say what?! Way to go college! Unfortunately the rice options were white or fried. But baby steps. Baby steps. I got some white rice and didn’t finish it.

Drizzled with Sriririririratchachacha

Also, how cool is it that they have Sriracha?! YUM! I enjoyed this slightly spicy meal with some water.

Reppin the school.

Well, now I’m off to a three hour long history lecture. With a full belly. If this class wasn’t really interesting, I’m sure I’d fall asleep. After class I’m watching the Lifetime movie “The 19th Wife” with my friend. We have an addiction to bad tv.

Toodaloo loves!

Song Reference: “Do Better”–Say Anything


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